Following an incident occurring at a Tank Farm of one of Elite’s key clients, it was highlighted that their whisky supply system can be left unattended during specific times (lunch break/night shift/weekends).
During these periods, it was discovered that a high risk of missing critical alarms is present. Our client required a solution to alert key personnel of the plant immediately when any of the critical alarms is active.

The Elite proposed solution involved the use of a cost-effective, secure, remote connection to read the alarms from the existing Siemens S7-400 PLC. The system had to work independently from the client’s main SCADA system and if an alarm was detected, an SMS text message had to be sent to both the C&E Engineer and the Engineering Manager.

Due to the critical nature of the plant operation, this work had to be fully implemented with no impact to the plant operations.

As a result of the successful implementation of this project, our customer now has a robust and enhanced alarm monitoring system. They can now identify situations (e.g. power cuts during weekends) where they were previously unaware that some alarms had been triggering.

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