Is COVID affecting your downtime or cause other inconvenience?

Has your incident response worsened as result of the pandemic?

Elite Control Systems have put together a FREE Industrial Remote Access offering (Typically worth £1,500) in a prize draw giveaway; to the person(s) that can give us the top 3 benefits of using this technology within their organization, click the link below to enter.

Each winner will receive an Ewon and enclosure as seen in the photo. Installation will have to be completed by an Elite qualified engineer who’s time shall be billed at the cost to the winner (Approx. £500). Additionally, a SIM card with a data plan is required; also supplied by Elite.

Ewon assists our clients to remotely monitor their assets and machines whilst allowing our Engineers to carry out essential work or emergency support when required.
Recently, one of our clients experienced issue with a fault at their plant in Europe Mainland and our Engineers remotely logged into their PLC (with their permission),to help diagnose the issue to get their plant back up and running!
Elite have a produced a bespoke enclosure for the Ewon, allowing clients to manually switch off the device without having to open the enclosure to prevent any unwanted access, while their plant is live or the machine is running.
Ewon has military grade encryption and have the largest footprint in the world with 1000’s of Ewon’s installed across Europe and the Globe.

Each winner will receive an Ewon pre-assembled in the enclosure as you see in the picture. The FREE prize draw giveaway starts today and the winners will be announced at the start of 2022.

(n.b. Best reply also wins Bernard the dog.)

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