Ever wondered what a typical day as an Elite Controls Support Engineer looks like?

There’s certainly no single answer. In Elite’s case however, the 24/7 Support Engineers work on a rota system to provide the necessary service cover for our clients. When not on call, the Support Engineers work normal office hours assisting & working on assigned projects or individual tasks. You can be involved with multiple projects, ensuring that the systems department reach their project milestones.

Whether on call, or attending site to perform a health check, our Support Team provide an important source of information regarding the condition of our clients systems. By continually working closely with our clients and responding at all times of the day to breakdowns, the Support Team also proactively identify larger problems that may be lurking onsite before they fully manifest. Much of this work is also now able to be carried out remotely, without the need for a site visit.

Having provided these services for over 20 years now, Elite’s engineers have built up a knowledge base and service history for all of our in-support clients. In our opinion, this is absolutely crucial in keeping the wheels of industry turning. After all that’s the prime responsibility of a Support Engineer…isn’t it?