Ben Box Lacrosse Update

Ben Box Lacrosse Update

Congratulations to our very own Elite engineer Ben Robertson!

Following the European Box Lacrosse Championship in Hannover which took place over the past month, after a number of challenging games for the Scotland side they made it all the way to the Semi-Finals and placed an outstanding 7th Place. From everyone at Elite we were so happy to support Ben and the team and we couldn’t be prouder of the Scotland team’s achievement and putting Scotland Box Lacrosse on the map.

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Ben Box Lacrosse

Ben Box Lacrosse

Certainly not a typical picture of an Elite engineer on their way to a customer site but rather, our very own Ben Robertson in his Box Lacrosse guise!

Ben will be representing Scotland at the upcoming European Championship in Hannover later this month and Elite are proud to be associated and help. All of us at Elite House wish him and all the Scotland team all the very best for the upcoming Tournament.

Check out the link below to find out more about the European Championship!

Ground Flares Modernisation

Ground Flares Modernisation

Following many years of operation, the Siemens S5-based PLC used at out clients’ site was becoming ever more difficult to maintain. Replacement parts were also becoming more and more difficult to source, due to the length of time the PLC had been deemed as being obsolete. In addition, fault finding on the old system was very problematic. Upon an occurrence of a fault, it was very difficult to determine the root cause of the issue. Due to the critical nature of the system, there typically wasn’t time to request Elite to attend site and help to determine the cause. Elite was asked to provide a more modern, upgraded solution incorporating a new PLC and HMI.
The solution implemented has incorporated the use of a Siemens S7-1500 Series PLC. This was programmed using the latest Siemens TIA Portal software with integrated Advanced Safety features.
The existing PLC code was migrated in stages from STEP5, to STEP7 Classic, and then to TIA Portal. In addition, the HMI was further enhanced and programmed to receive system messages related to the exact cause of fault events. These were then presented for display on the alarms mimic.
Our client has achieved the goal of their project, and can now identify various faults with ease given the capabilities of the modernised system. In addition, due to the relevance of the upgraded system, all spares can be sourced with ease and cost effectiveness. It should also be noted that the reliability of the system has also been improved significantly.
Elite is once again proud to offer a ground-breaking solution to one of its key customers and look forward to new challenges in the future.

Happy Easter from Elite Controls

Happy Easter from Elite Controls

Despite everything, a huge well done to Eleanor, Jacqueline and Gracia for making sure that despite the lockdown, the Easter Bunny still managed to get out (Big thank you to Dawn at CCL Logistics too) and find all the Elite team and their families this Easter!

There are clearly many amazing sacrifices going on around the world just now but, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the work of many others doing their own wee bit to keep the country running. The Elite team are still supporting and helping make sure that many industries across the UK remain supported and functioning. That includes some of our engineers still supporting and going out 24×7 to help many well-known companies and industries that touch virtually everyone of us. Thank you team, and a special thanks back to the Mackay family from all of us in the team for your unwavering support.

Very proud to be working with every one of you.

Be safe and, Happy Easter from all of us at Elite!




Getting the logistics sorted..

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Important – Business Continuity and Support – COVID-19 Update (25 March 2020 – Nov 2020)

Firstly, and most importantly, we hope that everyone is safe and managing during these very challenging times.

As of November 2020, Business continues as usual at Elite Controls, we’re here for you.

Due to the current pandemic Elite Control Systems have activated several Business Safety and Business Continuity measures.  These have been implemented in line with current Government instructions.

By way of a summary;

  • Elite is still operating, and customer support remains open.
    Tel: +44 (0)1506 237175
  • All our engineers and administrative personnel have been fully enabled and are working from home. This measure has been fully deployed and tested over the past week and is working well.
  • Our support service and support numbers are Active. We are still supporting our customers during this difficult time.
  • Our support rota and escalation rota are fully active. An Engineer will be available unless in the days ahead circumstances beyond our control change this.
  • Please note that if we receive a call requesting support, we will firstly aim to resolve the issue on the phone or using remote access tools. Many of the sites that we support have a remote access system in place. Other systems can be set on the go, like Team Viewer connections or ad hoc VPN connections.
  • If we cannot resolve the incident using the former and, there is a request for us to mobilise to site, this will require to be reviewed by senior management of Elite who will follow latest Government guidelines. Additionally, a Method Statement and Risk Assessment will require to be prepared, reviewed and approved before any visit, to address potential risks related to the site works and specifically with regard to COVID19 risk.
  • We will continue to monitor and update our support services on a regular basis and inform everyone of any changes to our support services if they happen.
  • Please note – Further updates on this situation from Elite will be posted on the Elite Control Systems Web Page

In the meantime, thank you for your understanding and please be assured that the entire Elite team are here to help and support you hopefully minimising the risk of any potential service interruption for all of our clients.

Business Continuity Update


By now we are all aware of Corona virus (COVID-19) and how important it is to take steps to help contain the virus in the UK and beyond.

We want to let you know about some of the measures that we are taking to help mitigate health concerns whilst also continuing to provide ongoing critical business support services to our many clients.  This includes;

  • Visiting Elite House – we are now limiting visits to our office unless considered absolutely necessary and, where the meeting cannot be carried out using video or teleconferencing technology.
  • Precautions for the health of our staff and customers – Best practice guidelines on hand washing, sanitising surfaces including door handles have been implemented.
  • Staff Remote working – as a further precautionary measure, we have instigated remote / home working for most of our staff. A skeleton support team will operate from our Livingston office to deal with site support calls as normal and, until such time as government guidelines have changed.

Here’s how you can help us;

  • Keep using the services of our company!  We will all come through this and the Elite team are here and ready to help you.
  • Please keep us informed of your plans – if one or more of our team are due to visit your premises and, if this needs to change, then we would appreciate if you would let us know as early as possible.
  • Keep yourself healthy! – please follow current guidelines, washing your hands frequently, self-isolate if you have symptoms and cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough!

All of us at Elite will do everything that we can to support you whilst at the same time do our bit in helping prevent the spread of this virus.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding.  Should you have any concerns about any current project or indeed anything else, please feel free to contact us directly or call your existing Elite contact.