January 20, 2016 – Elite Control Systems now offers Vibration Monitoring and Profibus Network health checks predictive maintenances services.

rack in the data center with working equipment with optical and UTP cables

“By providing customers with the option to have their systems monitored for vibration and put through regular Profibus Network health checks, we’re helping them take preventive measures to predict and detect potential defects, long before they have the chance to develop into a real problem,” said Angus McCarter, Field Sales Engineer for Elite Control Systems.  “When combined with elements of our full range of support services, our customers know that they are taking every precaution to ensure that their systems operate smoothly, with minimal disruption.”

“Because engineering support is such an essential part of any automated manufacturing system, we decided to establish a dedicated Support Services division, when most systems integrators were offering it as an add-on service or afterthought,” said Brian Sneddon, General Manager of Elite Control Systems.  “In contrast, our engineering team is fully briefed on every customer’s needs, and is on-hand around the clock.  So, whether a customer has a comprehensive 24/7 support plan in place or is on an ad hoc call-out basis, Elite engineers are ready to respond immediately in the event of a breakdown, so that production is up and running as quickly as possible.”

The addition of Vibration Monitoring and Profibus network health checks to its Support Services portfolio is particularly meaningful because companies can now derive comprehensive support, without going to the expense of creating extensive support teams internally. Companies can access Elite’s engineering expertise, as well as that of its partners who are some of the world’s leading automation and process control manufacturers.

“Predictive care has always been synonymous with quality system maintenance. It makes economic sense, because you’re making a minimal investment now to avert a more expensive problem such as a shutdown in production or major equipment failure” said Ewan McAllister, Technical Director of Elite Control Systems. “Plus, by customising every client’s support contract to their individual needs, they only pay for what they need so it’s financially viable. it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.”

In addition to the new predictive maintenance services, Elite offers breakdown support for PLC, SCADA, IT systems and network infrastructure, such as integrity testing.  Its Support Services engineers also conduct system audits, health checks, minor modifications, and on–the-job training for clients’ employees.

About Elite Control Systems Limited

Founded in 1992, Elite Control Systems Limited is a highly regarded, innovative company that specialises in systems integration.  It is known for helping companies within a variety of industries to use fast-moving process control, automation and information technology to achieve their business objectives.

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