Coming Back Stronger – Event

Coming Back Stronger – Event

With the food and drink industry facing a raft of post-COVID challenges, it has never been more important to have a clear strategy, embrace change and use digital technology to drive operational excellence and improved productivity.

If you are ready to leverage the full potential of current and emerging technologies to improve industry competitiveness in an uncertain digital world and, would like an opportunity to hear from and discuss such challenges with your peers on their experiences and how they intend to move forward in a post COVID world – then this is a must attend event!

Join us for a shared learning session with some of the biggest names in the food and drink industry.

Facilitated by Joe Pacitti, Managing Director, CeeD Scotland, our panel of senior industry leaders will be sharing their experiences of navigating the pandemic, whilst also offering some fascinating insights on their challenges and plans for a post lockdown world.

The panelists will be joined by subject matter experts from Bridgeall and Elite Controls, both leading providers in manufacturing technologies who will offer their insights to the role and use of technology and innovation to plan, recover and come back stronger in a very different world.

• Joe Pacitti, Managing Director, CeeD Scotland
• Malcolm Smith, CIO, Tennent’s (C&C Group)
• Mark Hilson, Head of IT and Business Systems, Whyte and Mackay
• Graeme McLean, SharePoint Practice Lead, Bridgeall
• Brian Sneddon, Operations Director, Elite Controls

The event can be booked on the Eventbrite link here;


BSI ISO9001 Audit

BSI ISO9001 Audit

As part of their annual standard assessments, Elite Controls once again were due for an ISO9001 audit.
The objective of the BSI assessment was to verify that all elements of the management standards are being effectively addressed. The quality system should demonstrate the ability to support the achievement of statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements for the organization’s specified objectives. It must also confirm the ongoing achievement and suitability of the company strategic plan, identifying where applicable potential areas for improvement of the management system.

The company quality management system was verified as implementing relevant policies, processes, procedures, controls, standards, guidelines, organizational structures and supporting technology. This process also effectively demonstrated the company’s ability to consistently provide products and services to meet their customer’s needs, alongside any pertinent statutory and regulatory requirements.

For the 2nd successive year Elite passed the BSI audit with no non-conformances and no recommendations.
A huge well done to all of the team and a fantastic result from Elite!

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Joint event | Bridgeall & Elite Controls

Joint event | Bridgeall & Elite Controls

Our latest industry event is now live! Elite Control Systems have teamed up with Bridgeall for a shared learning session around leveraging technologies and coming back stronger post-Covid.

Led by Joe Pacitti, Managing Director, CeeD (Centre for Engineering, Education and Development), we will be joined by senior panellists from Whyte & Mackay and C&C Group, who will be sharing valuable insights into navigating the pandemic and their plans for the future.

This event is not to be missed. Book your space here:

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PCS Wireless System

PCS Wireless System

One of Elite’s customers who are primarily involved with the renewable energy sector, has had ongoing issues relating to damage caused by rodents and subsequent broken cables. The issue primarily affected communications between separate control systems that were located within two different industrial buildings. The control systems needed to transmit certain information between each other, and this meant a total of 6 signals, (2 analogue and 4 digital) were required to be linked between the two locations.

The Elite proposed solution was to incorporate the use of radio transmitters for use with wireless communication. A brief feasibility study took place, after which the Tx and Rx were integrated for use within the clients existing SCADA system.

The primary benefit for the customer is a secure, modern, and effective data transmission system that removes the issue of rodent related damage, and various harsh environmental factors that were causing damage to their cable installations.

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SCADA Alarm System

SCADA Alarm System

Following an incident occurring at a Tank Farm of one of Elite’s key clients, it was highlighted that their whisky supply system can be left unattended during specific times (lunch break/night shift/weekends).
During these periods, it was discovered that a high risk of missing critical alarms is present. Our client required a solution to alert key personnel of the plant immediately when any of the critical alarms is active.

The Elite proposed solution involved the use of a cost-effective, secure, remote connection to read the alarms from the existing Siemens S7-400 PLC. The system had to work independently from the client’s main SCADA system and if an alarm was detected, an SMS text message had to be sent to both the C&E Engineer and the Engineering Manager.

Due to the critical nature of the plant operation, this work had to be fully implemented with no impact to the plant operations.

As a result of the successful implementation of this project, our customer now has a robust and enhanced alarm monitoring system. They can now identify situations (e.g. power cuts during weekends) where they were previously unaware that some alarms had been triggering.

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Here to help & Still open for business

Following the most recent changes announced in January 2021 by the Scottish Government and the new Tier-4 Lockdown instructions we wanted to update you on what this means in terms of our support and services offered to all our clients. 

After carefully reviewing our own safety operating procedures we confirm that; 

  • Being a critical supplier of support for many major industries, we are still available and providing 24 x7 x 365 help to all our clients on support contracts 
  • If you do not have a support contract, then contact us and we will work with you to put in place a support arrangement to at least help you through this latest lockdown challenge 
  • Our engineers are also still available and working on new system projects 
  • We can also help provide you with remote access support and ensure that the current situation does not expose you to increased or new Cyber threats and breakdowns. 
  • In keeping with guidance, our company and team are strictly adhering to all best practice guidelines and importantly, we have put additional measures for staff and client safety during this challenging period. The safety of our staff and those we work with is of the utmost importance to us. 

Client support – Elite support many clients across the UK in the Energy, Food & Beveridge, Manufacturing, Chemical and Oil and Gas sectors.  Many of these are classified as critical infrastructure and consequently these sectors, like Elite Engineering & Support are still working and here to help. 

If you would like help in exploring or readying your operation for remote working, securing operations whilst remote working or, need a Cyber risk assessment please contact us: 

 +44(01506 597900 email

We look forward to your continued support 

Thank you