Elite Bowling Night


As Winter departs and Spring beckons, lighter nights arrive so some of the team headed to the bowls for a bit of indoor fun and a night at the ten-pin bowling. Blowing off some steam (Very relevant for one of our customers projects just now!) a few bowls were thrown down the lane and knocking over a few pins (sometimes!) whilst trying to avoid that nasty gutter (more often than some of us would have liked) helped get rid of a few cobwebs and helped get everyone out of the rain for a while.

Spot the winners by the biggest smiles…..


Nature’s Newest Team Member

Nature’s Newest Team Member


Look who clocked in at Elite House today… !


Our newest “remote” team member is none other than this majestic deer, choosing our surroundings for some outdoor office vibes. We think that they’re here to ensure our work blends seamlessly with nature’s rhythm!


While they might not have a desk or a laptop, (Yet) they’re always welcome to join our brainstorming sessions under the open sky. Here’s to embracing unexpected collaborators!