Elite Cycle Warriors Victory

Elite Cycle Warriors Victory


Throughout the month of May, the Elite Cycle Warriors have been tirelessly working through the Love2Ride Bike Challenge.

We are excited to announce that the Warriors have completed their quest and have racked in an staggering 3,209 points which brings them into 1st Position for West Lothian, Engineering and Manufacturing Industry category and a fantastic 3rd Position for all of Scotland.

The Elite Cycle Warriors have poured blood, sweat and tears into the challenge and their efforts have lead them to this great success. This wouldn’t have been possible without this year’s Team Captain Lewis Galloway who spearheaded the recruitment and motivation of the warriors.

After a gruelling month the Team took the opportunity of a short break in the fantastic weather to celebrate by having a BBQ behind headquarters when with a lot of food, laughter and well deserved fun for a job well done.

The Elite Cycle Warriors are now having a well deserved rest, but will soon be eager to take part in new challenges in the future but for now I hope you all join us in saying a massive congratulations to the Elite Cycle Warriors.