Virtual Golf Evening

Virtual Golf Evening


Once the December festivities wind down, January often unfolds as a quieter, somewhat subdued month – the twinkling lights are packed away, and the last of the Christmas chocolates have disappeared. Coupled with the dreary weather typical of January evenings, it can be challenging to find enjoyable activities.

However, the team at Elite refused to let the January blues hold them back. Rather than succumbing to the monotony of the season, they decided to embark on an unconventional adventure – golfing. But not just any golfing; this wasn’t about braving the wet and wild outdoors or searching for lost balls on a frosty green. The team opted for a unique experience – Virtual Golfing, and no it’s not the nostalgic game console you might find at home.

Steering clear of the traditional indoor miniature golf, (Though that might have been a good bit easier for folks) they sought out an immersive experience at a Virtual Golfing Simulator. This high-tech marvel transported them not only to renowned golf courses around the world but also to some unconventional and captivating landscapes. And the best part? They still got to wield real golf clubs, adding authenticity to their virtual escapade.

Amidst rounds of golf and friendly banter, the team found themselves thoroughly engrossed in the simulator’s challenges. After an exhilarating and competitive session, the evening was capped off with a welcome visit to the local Curry House where some embellished tales of “unlucky not to have.. and “No, I definitely was nearest the pin at Pebble beach….” were discussed.

All in all the evening turned out to be a fantastic escape from the gloom of a wet and windy January, team Elite are already looking forward to their next adventure…..