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High Speed Bottling Line

Distilling and Bottling

Elite Control Systems Ltd. have many years of experience within the distilling and bottling environment, and have successfully completed numerous small and large scale projects.

Notable clients include Glenmorangie, Edrington Group, Diageo, Whyte & Mackay, William Grants & Sons, A.G. Barr and many more.

During their years in this field, Elite have developed a sophisticated, intelligent routing system that signals a dramatic step forward in production speed and efficiency for the beverage and bottling industry. This flexible system allows new routes to be added or modified, without the need for any PLC logic changes, and is designed to guide operators safely and accurately through every step. To achieve this, the system features two major design differences. The first is the programme structure, which uses object-oriented programming, making it possible for potentially large systems to be broken down into manageable functional modules or “objects.” The second is the method in which the routing information is handled, which utilises an SQL routing database.

This system has now been implemented in many environments within the sector, with significant success.

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